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Informal welcome and gathering

1:30 pm

Gathering: Opening Ceremony by Elder

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We are honoured to welcome Elder Hubert Francis to CDA Holding Space, Holding Change and IMPACTfest.

We acknowledge and embrace the wisdom of Indigenous communities as providing the foundation for sustainable practices, of respecting and mutually caring for each other and the land.

2:00 - 3:30 pm

Virtual Gathering: Canadian Dance Assembly AGM & Member Feedback

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You’re invited to our Annual General Meeting (AGM)! Join us on Zoom as we present the 2020-2021 year in review. The meeting will include a presentation from Bespoke Collective who are in the process of strategic planning with CDA. They will provide a review and synthesis of the process to-date and what to expect as we conclude the process this year.

Current members are eligible to vote, which includes individuals and organizations who have renewed for the 2021-2022 year, and 2020-2021 members who are currently due. We apply a 3-month grace period on renewing.

If unable to attend the meeting, a member has the right to assign their vote to another member in good standing. Please contact for a proxy form for this purpose. Note that non-members are welcome to attend the meeting as observers.

7:00 pm

Pre-Show Discussion with Artistic Director Sandra Laronde & Red Sky Performance - Capitol Theatre

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We are thrilled to welcome this world-class dance company to our Capitol Theatre here in Moncton. This performance will also be available live online.

From Red Sky Performance:

We are traceable to the very beginnings of the universe, our ancestral origins stretching across the Milky Way to the atoms burning inside of us in the ‘here and now’ on earth. Trace is a highly kinetic contemporary dance work inspired by Indigenous (Anishinaabe) sky and star stories, offering a glimpse into our origin as well as our future evolution.

Winner of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards and nominated for four Dora Awards.

After show

Gathering: Gather to Party with a VJ - in person and on-line

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Come dance with us!
9:30 am

Gathering: Mi'kmaq Heritage Path Tour - Elsipogtog

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Guests are immersed into the Mi'kmaq culture at Elsipogtog, First Nation , New Brunswick for 2.25 hours with this one of a kind experience! After a traditional greeting, guests will enter the community raised teepee for a smudging ceremony with teachings and insights that will help connect the past ways to present day Elsipogtog Mi'kmaq cultural ways and customs. After this enlightening and significant introduction, guests are led by one of the interpretive knowledge keepers into the pristine, forested Heritage Path where they will learn about traditional and time-honored ways of using Mother Nature’s gifts and medicines to better self and community. This 2021 season will see guests experiencing our newly authentically constructed wigwam, longhouse and sweat lodge made by a local elder and knowledge keeper. Guests will be able to step inside and feel how life would have been like in ancestral times!

The last part of the Heritage Path journey takes place in our cultural center where guests have a safe place and space to ask any and all questions they may have about the Mi'kmaq culture order to further their understanding of the true way of life at Elsipogtog, New Brunswick. Guests will leave enriched by a deeper understanding and connection to the cultural teachings and ways of the Mi’kmaq!

2:00 pm

Live Show: Ballet by the Ocean - Atlantic Ocean

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Allow your senses to guide you in this one-of-a-kind exclusive experience. Come immerse yourself in the scenic backdrop of one of New Brunswick’s most stunning natural habitats while enjoying the astounding beauty of the award-winning Atlantic Ballet and savouring incredible local food pairings by celebrated chef Gene Cormier.

Join us for an online behind the scenes tour with the creators and dancers prior to the show. This performance will also be available live online.

From Atlantic Ballet Atlantique


Virtual Gathering: Atlantic Breakfast

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Meet the Atlantic Canadian dance community. Mingle, network and discover the rich dance scene that exists right here in the Maritimes, all while enjoying a classic Maritime breakfast.
2:00 pm

Workshop: Wind in the Leaves Collective: Working with Allies and Friends: an Approach to Multi-Disciplinary Creation

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This 2-3 hour workshop will provide participants with an understanding of personal and social identities and the impact of privilege and marginalization in Canada’s arts ecology. In this context, it will feature opportunities for participants to build on their self-awareness, the challenges in engaging in equity/pluralism actions in the arts, demographic changes and language/terminology important to this.


Gathering: IMPACTfest Film Showcase - 2020-2021

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Atlantic Canada has a wealth of talent, across multiple sectors in the arts. We’re excited to feature a curated showcase of dance films from Nova Scotia, curated by Susanne Chui, Co-Artistic Director of Motion Dance Halifax. Attend in person or online.
11:00 am

Workshop/Performance: Kaeja d’Dance with Allen and Karen Kaeja invites the public to join us for a improvised curated dance experience at the Moncton Blue Cross atrium

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1:00 pm

Live Show: WE ARE LUMINOUS - Solo Chicken Productions of The Spirit Project Performance & Panel - Atlantic Ballet Studio

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It is with great joy that Solo Chicken Productions and partners invite audiences to a new theatrical experience, WE ARE LUMINOUS. This show, created and performed by Spirit Project artists with and without intellectual disabilities, celebrates the unique gifts of each individual, highlights diverse artistic voices and shares the joys of living in an inclusive society.

Led by the desire to share the gifts of our artists and to demonstrate the beauty of inclusion we decided the ‘show’ would be an invitation to join our circle and share in our artistic practice. WE ARE LUMINOUSis a walk through a day at The Spirit Project, featuring our warm-up, meditation, games and a special performance of our Spirit Project song and poem. The performance is ‘relaxed’ which means lights are on, noise is moderated, and all are welcome to participate and be in the space in any way.

Learn more about Solo Chicken Productions of The Spirit Project.

Join us for an artist panel with the creators and dancers after the show. This performance will also be available live online.

3:00 - 5:00 pm

Virtual Gathering: - Shared Stories from the Past to the Present; featuring Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Morita

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SHARING STORIES FROM THE PAST TO THE PRESENT. Tune in to listen to stories of success, heartbreak, and perseverance. We invite lifelong advocates of dance to talk about the history that precedes us. Through intimate engagement with artists Gerry Morita and Denise Fujiwara, whose personal journeys through dance are uniquely radical and inspiring, these conversations will reveal a shared cross-sector resiliency. Unfolding stories from the past, carving a path forward for the future.

Event Notes: CDA will be hosting these 1 hour moderated sessions recorded live on Zoom. Come for the live event and participate in a post session Q+A, or experience the stories on your own time via the on-demand recording!

2:00 pm

Workshop: Charles C. Smith - Tips & Tools on Working Together for Change

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How collaborations in the arts enrich our practices. This workshop will provide an overview of collaborative practices in the arts that bring together historically-established arts organizations with Indigenous, Black, People of Colour and other marginalized artists and arts organizations. Based on CPAMO’s activities evident in its public sessions - 'IBPOC Digital Workshops' and ‘Gathering Divergence’ - this workshop will demonstrate how such collaborations can be developed and their benefits to the arts ecology.
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Virtual Discussion: Talking Truths: The Power Of Circles

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EMBRACING EACH OTHER IN THE PRESENT. Community, reciprocity, exchange; we look at the form of a circle as a way to hold and support each other. Host Olivia C. Davies opens space for a vibrant exchange of ideas with four Indigenous dance artists from across Turtle Island. Talking Truths Circle Conversations extend new ways of viewing Indigenous and Community art as an act of healing, political assertion, and cultural continuation. Witness, listen, and experience the change a circular practice encompasses.

Event Notes: CDA will be hosting this 1.5 hour session on Zoom. Join the circle live and witness the artists in a conversation that moves into new territory of meaningful exchange.

6:00 pm

Gathering: ISOLATED/TOGETHER Reception, Video & Exposition

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Led by Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada in collaboration with Harrison Burton of Brainworks Creative, ISOLATED/TOGETHER is a multidisciplinary project documenting the COVID-19 experience In New Brunswick through dance, film, music, spoken word, photography and visual arts.

Partners include the Beaverbrook Gallery and 14 visual artists from across the province of New Brunswick, Theatre New Brunswick, photographer Denis Duquette, composer/musician Elephant Skeletons and 14 dancers from Atlantic Ballet, Connection Dance Works (Saint John) and Solo Chicken Productions (Fredericton) as well as Wolastoq performance artist Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom.

Join us at our Isolated Together showcase, meet the artists and enjoy delicious, local food.

11:00 am

Virtual Gathering: Yoga for Dancers; from an anti-oppressive lens

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MOVING THE PRESENT. When we engage in embodiment practices, how are we identifying the politics of the body itself? The body is a highly charged vessel and a means to accessing power. Robin Lacambra will lead us to move mindfully through the intersection of physical practice and social politics. This session has two components; a 1 hour movement class and 30 minutes of educational offerings around liberation of the body from a decolonized and anti-oppressive lens.

Conversation, tools, and hope for a deeper understanding of our diverse bodies.

Event Notes: Open for all levels of movement and Yoga. A yoga mat is suggested but possible to participate without. CDA will be hosting this 1.5 hour movement session and discussion on Zoom.

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Virtual Discussion: Trauma-Informed Practices for Performing Artists

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BEING PRESENT, PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE . What is a trauma-informed practice, and how can we be in relationship with and learn from the complexities of our individual and collective experiences? We invite new ways of learning and growth through an awareness of the body and its connection to others. In this 2 hour session, Kai Cheng Thom will present a resilience-based approach to creating and nurturing communities from a trauma informed lens. Build community through personal growth, and tending to the spaces between us.

Event Notes: CDA will be hosting this 2 hour session live on Zoom. Open to all with an artistic movement background.

7:30 pm

Live Show: Gay Guerrilla - Wind in the Leaves Collective - Escaouette Theatre

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We are thrilled to welcome a rich and evocative multi-disciplinary performance to our Escaouette Theatre here in Moncton. This performance will also be available live online.

From Wind in the leaves collective:

This is the final piece of the ‘wind in the leaves collective’ full-length production entitled "searching for eastman” which is based on a book of poetry written by the collective’s artistic director, charles c. smith. This piece engages scenarios through the spirit of memories, sketched in poetry and drawn out through movement/dance, digital imaging and music. as an immersive experiential approach, each section contributes to a collective eulogy, one built on astonishment at his untimely death along with memories of his greatness and his equally great self-destructiveness that was finally his undoing. Gay Guerrilla is the final act featuring his rebellion as warrior guerrilla, abandoned and alone, disappearing into the nebulous world of homelessness, drugs and alcohol.


Workshop: CoLABenDirect Presentation & Launch

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We are incredibly proud to be launching CoLABenDirect - an online secure video collaboration platform which will allow multiple artists and organizations to co-create with each other in real time, from several locations on various devices with video recording and archiving capabilities.

Most dance artists/companies in Canada are small to mid-sized and are faced with travel and financial barriers to collaboration. This national digital initiative, led by Atlantic Ballet, will give artists and dance companies from across Canada the chance to collaborate seamlessly online in real time. It is from this context that Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is leading this project in cooperation with artistic collaborators, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) and Kaeja d’Dance.

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Virtual Gathering: Kasàlà Celebration by Jean Kabuta

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CELEBRATING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. The practice of Kasàlà celebrates the transformative quality of oral traditions, and the ways we can relate to each other in joyful and mutual appreciation. How can we begin to really see each other, strengthen our bonds by extending our hearts, and open ourselves to admiration and wonderment. Join us in sharing this traditional African form of expression with the guidance of Jean Kabuta. Express gratitude, and hear the words of our inner stories told through Kasàlà.

Event Notes: CDA will be hosting this 1.5 hour session live on Zoom. Feel free to come and listen, participation is not mandatory. Open to all dancers; a supportive environment for those who usually express through the body to explore expression through spoken word.

7:30 pm

Virtual & In-Person Gathering: IMPACTfest & Holding Space Holding Change - Closing Party

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